cast aspersion

Cast aspersion
If you cast aspersion, you try to blacken someone's name and make people think badly of them.

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  • Aspersion — (la. aspergere ), in a religious context, is the act of sprinkling with water, especially holy water. Aspersion is a method used in baptism as an alternative to immersion or affusion. The word is formed of the Latin aspergere , to sprinkle , of… …   Wikipedia

  • Aspersion — As*per sion, n. [L. aspersio, fr. aspergere: cf. F. aspersion.] 1. A sprinkling, as with water or dust, in a literal sense. [1913 Webster] Behold an immersion, not and aspersion. Jer. Taylor. [1913 Webster] 2. The spreading of calumniations… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • aspersion — mid 15c., from L. aspersionem (nom. aspersio) a sprinkling, noun of action from pp. stem of aspergere to sprinkle on, from ad to (see AD (Cf. ad )) + spargere sprinkle, strew (see SPARSE (Cf. sparse)). Originally in theology, the shedding of… …   Etymology dictionary

  • aspersion — ► NOUN (often in phrase cast aspersions on) ▪ an attack on someone s character or reputation. ORIGIN originally denoting the sprinkling of water at baptism: Latin, from aspergere sprinkle …   English terms dictionary

  • aspersion — /əˈspɜʒən / (say uh sperzhuhn), /əˈspɜʃən/ (say uh spershuhn) noun 1. a damaging imputation; a derogatory criticism: to cast aspersions on one s character. 2. the act of aspersing: to baptise by aspersion. 3. a shower or spray …   Australian English dictionary

  • aspersion — n. to cast aspersions on * * * [ə spɜːʃ(ə)n] to cast aspersions on …   Combinatory dictionary

  • aspersion — noun Date: circa 1587 1. a sprinkling with water especially in religious ceremonies 2. a. a false or misleading charge meant to harm someone s reputation < cast aspersions on her integrity > b. the act of making such a charge ; defa …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • aspersion — noun a) An attack on somebodys reputation or good name, often in the phrase to cast aspersions upon hellip;. b) A sprinkling of . Syn: slander …   Wiktionary

  • aspersion — [ə spə:ʃ(ə)n] noun an attack on someone s character or reputation: he has cast aspersions on our abilities. Origin ME (denoting the sprinkling of water at baptism): from L. aspersio(n ), from aspergere sprinkle …   English new terms dictionary

  • aspersion — noun cast aspersions on to make an unkind remark or an unfair judgment: Are you casting aspersions on my wife s character? …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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